Hello and welcome to catPHP!

So what is catPHP?

The 'cat' is a shortening of catalogue whilst PHP is of course a reference to the recursively-named computer language PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor Put them together and and you have a suite of cataloguing programs. These systems are based on a family of Microsoft Access Database products marketed by FNProgramvare. I am not actually associated with FNProgramvare in any shape or form, but have an interest in three of their products, viz:

  • CatVids for cataloguing collections of DVDs, VHS tapes and Blu-Ray discs
  • BookCat for cataloguing collections of books and magazines,
  • CatTraxx for cataloguing music collections of mp3 files and CDs etc.

I have currently ported Catvids to a standalone PHP product and a Drupal 6 Module which I have named dvids.

I have currently ported Bookcats to a standalone PHP product.

It is my intention to port my standalone Bookcats product into Drupal 6 in the near future.